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The children Daisybank Nursery don’t worry about getting wet or muddy, and nor do their parents. They all realise that the children are learning more about life and the environment, about having the confidence to take risks and develop responsibility and respect for nature, than they would normally be able to do

By adopting the concept of a ‘Forest School’, which originated in Denmark, the children are given learning experiences which current research supports as being the most beneficial to child development, particularly in boys, who love to be able to build a den around the bough of a tree, and then have a picnic or a story, without the constraints of a traditional nursery room.

The children love home-cooked roast dinners, fresh vegetables and fruits, sourced from local farms and the best that’s available. High priority is put not only on providing yummy foods, but on making meal times a social occasion, where the children of 3 or 4 can happily eat with the toddlers and babies.

Daisybank Nursery provides a unique approach to childcare, where children are treasured and nurtured in a homely environment by highly qualified and experienced staff. If you would like further details please contact the manager on 0161 439 4726 or email

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Daisybank Day Nursery, Somersby House, Carrwood Road, Bramhall, SK7 3EJ
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