Baby Room at Daisy Bank

Baby Room at Daisy Bank Nursery

Daisybank Nursery provides a unique approach to baby care; we are here to make sure your children are nurtured in a safe and stimulating environment by qualified staff.
Our baby room is specifically tailored to support the development of your loved one in a secure and safe environment.

The baby room

We understand that there’s a lot to take in and many choices to make when it comes to childcare, so we try to keep things simple and practical.
The Baby room at Daisy Bank Nursery is light, airy and sprinkled with fairy dust, which makes for a magical time at our nursery.
This could be perfect for your baby as it allows them to have plenty of fun and is a safe place where children can learn social interaction through play.

Your child’s journey

The journey of learning begins in the baby room and we achieve this through play.
All activities are planned to allow babies to explore and discover the world around them. At Daisy Bank Nursery, we provide an emotionally supportive and nurturing environment that helps the children to develop their learning.
Each new day will bring fresh challenges and experiences to enhance their natural inquisitiveness and curiosity.

Our Staff

Our staff are trained to develop a stimulating environment that will help your child to thrive. They will help your child learn as well as creating a place where babies and children can play, eat and rest. Every day our skilled staff are on hand to create a fun and substantial place for your child to grow and learn, which gives you peace of mind that your needs are being met.

What do we do?

The versatility of our baby room at Daisy Bank Nursery allows for both a bright and stimulating environment, along with a calm and relaxing atmosphere for each day.
Our strong links and positive relationships are developed and maintained throughout your child’s time with us; this ensures our values and requirements are observed and adhered to.
We can offer your child the opportunity to do artwork, listen to stories and dance to music as well as of opportunities to socialise with other children.

If you are looking for a baby nursery that can provide your child with a structure of learning and care, contact the team at Daisy Bank today. Our baby room is dedicated to providing a wide range of activities to keep your child busy and occupied while at daycare.
For more information about our services, feel free to give us a call today.