Pre-School Room at Daisy Bank Nursery

Pre-School Room at Daisy Bank Nursery

Our aim at Daisy Bank Nursery is to establish a routine that will aid learning and develop your child within a secure and consistent environment. We cater entirely to each child’s age, stage of development, interests and preferred learning styles.
Our pre-school room focuses on motivating and encouraging the children to learn and build on their existing knowledge and skills.

The Pre-School Room

The Pre-School room provides your child with opportunities where your child can explore how and why things happen. Children love to play in our Pre-School room, filled with musical instruments, books, shopping, and café areas. They learn about skeletons, dinosaurs and mini-beasts. The Deputy Manager, a Qualified Teacher with many years of experience, plans for and teaches this age group. We provide a happy, safe and stimulating experience for your child ready for the big step up to primary school.

Your Child’s Journey

All our activities are planned around the Early Years Foundation Stage. At Daisy Bank Nursery, we aim to encourage social skills and cooperation through play and learning with a strong emphasis on role-playing.
Independence and using appropriate behaviour is high on our agenda as our activities promote turn-taking, sharing and forming relationships with other children by developing co-operative play and other social skills.

Our Staff

Our Staff’s experience and training will benefit your child’s education and experience at Daisy Bank Nursery. The team we have are highly qualified care professionals who thrive on creating a warm and friendly atmosphere.
We encourage them to become independent; their confidence will grow through opportunities to try new things n an environment with lots of positive reinforcement for their success and willingness to try. Our staff always encourage children to choose the areas where they would like to play and learn using something they enjoy.

What do we do?

At Daisy Bank Nursery, of course, we provide a safe and fun environment for the children in our daycare. By specialising in the care of ‘pre-schoolers,’ we can better prepare your little ones for a transition into full-time primary learning. Your child can benefit from a carefully planned program of play and learning that equips them with the classroom skills required to become little learners. We also provide an excellent platform with endless opportunities for your child’s intellectual development.

Are you looking for a nursery or pre-school to care for your child with love and all-round personal attention?
We understand that choosing the right care for your child requires careful consideration; that’s why we provide a caring and warm-hearted atmosphere for your child.
For more information about our services, feel free to give us a call today.