Welcome to Our a New Website – Daisybank Nursery

Welcome to Our a New Website – Daisybank Nursery

As we gear up to expand our horizons with our second Daisybank Nursery (coming to Bollington soon), here we are with our brand new website.

We have replaced the dull, boring old website with a refreshing, colourful and fully responsive website. We sincerely hope the new website helps you find the information you require easily and quickly.

Responsive Website

We realised the need for a new website when we recognised the fact that more and more people in the UK rely on their smartphones when they want information about anything and everything. We also realised that the old website was not very friendly and did not provide a good experience.

We wanted the new website to provide a good experience. We wanted the visitor to get a glimpse of what it is like to be in Daisybank nursery. And the seeds for a new website were sown.

Meet Our Teachers

Get to know about the teachers at Daisybank Nursery right from our website. Get to know them, what they do and their qualifications. Get to know all about Gail Mofic, David Mofic and Sophie Mofic.


We offer four environments and Daisybank Nursery – Pre-school room, Explorers room, Toddler room and Baby room. If you are looking for more information about each of these environments, our website will help you make an informed decision.

About Daisybank Nursery

At Daisybank, we believe in providing learning experiences that are the most fruitful for your child. Which is why, we have adopted the concept of “forest school”. Here your child can be himself/herself doing what they enjoy and love doing. Here, the child is not restricted by the constraints of a traditional nursery.

Want to know more? Have a question? Want to enroll your child at our nursery? Click here to send us an email or call 0161 439 4726!

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